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BenCham and AustCham Beijing will be holding a seminar reflecting on the recent ‘Liang hui’ (两会) Two Sessions that concluded Wednesday March 15.

China’s National People’s Congress, the People’s Congress, recently concluded their annual session. Every year this session addresses the issues that the Chinese government has faced in the past year as well as their plans for the upcoming year. Amongst the topics of discussion this year were fighting corruption, health care reform, income, employment, education, environmental protection, housing, rule of law and public security.

All of these topics are of critical importance to foreign businesses that operate in China. Also of interest was Premier Li mentioning that despite some setbacks in the process of globalisation, China would quicken the pace of opening its economy. Li took a very pro-globalisation stance, though also acknowledged that this needed to happen ‘step by step’. In 2016, $128 billion worth of foreign funds were invested in China; this was the largest figure amongst all developing nations. Li believed this was a result of China’s improved business environment.


5:30 PM - 6:00 PM
6:00 PM - 7:45 PM