The Chinese National Government set "becoming an internet powerhouse" as a state goal in October 2025. While newly released documents such as the China Internet Report 2018 demonstrates significant potential for internet infrastructure growth and a strong demand to improve the current internet penetration rate of 55%, no top-level roadmap has emerged.

BenCham, in conjunction with AustCham Beijing, the British Chamber of Commerce, and the American Chamber of Commerce, invite you to attend the "Connecting to the Growth of China's Internet" forum. Featuring distinguished speakers, this event willprovide attendees with relevant information on China's current and future internet situation, as well as providing information about the practical experiences of using China's internet for innovation and catering to new demands.

The event will host a range of speakers:

1) Welcoming speech by NIO.

2) China Policy's Manager for Science and Innovation Dr Jeroen Groenewegen will provide a 5-7 minute introduction of China's internet policy landscape today and into the future. He will in particular discuss the Chinese Government's goal of making China an "internet powerhouse".

3) The CFO of Lexin (乐信) Mr Craig Zeng will speak about internet innovation and entrepreneurship.

4) ThoughtWorks' Head of Artificial Intelligence and Data Mr Kai Shi (凯哥) will discuss big data to drive innovation, and managing accompanying uncertainties.

5) The CEO of Global Tone Communications Mr Eric Yu (于洋) will discuss artificial intelligence trends and uses, and how artificial intelligence can be used to solve problems.


NIO Beijing
NIO House, No.1 East Chang'an Avenue, Beijing

NIO 蔚来汽车旗舰店 |北京市东城区东长安街1号-东区


Nio House, No.1 East Chang'an Avenue

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Exit E, Dongdan Subway Station (Line 1).

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