Challenges and pressures for enterprises in the complex and volatile financial market are constantly increasing. The survival and development of enterprises not only depends on the profitability, but should always keep an eye on the cash flow. In other words – cash is king! But how to manage its cash flow and how to balance between having too much or too less cash on hand is the key to a successful cash management strategy in place for your companies immediate and long-term needs.

Financial management is at the core of enterprise management, and cash flow management is a top priority of financial management. If it is not taken seriously enough, it will restrict the development of enterprises to a large extent. What are the characteristics of cash flow management in different stages of development? What are the financing methods for the initial stages? How to plan the investment capital in accordance with the businesses operational plan requirements? What are the core factors that affect operating cash flow?

Senior accounting manager Ms. Amanda Liu will answer all these questions at the breakfast seminar "Cash Flow Management" at the German Centre for Industry and Trade in Beijing. This event will take place on september 13 and will be fully spoken in Chinese.

Seminar contents:

  • Foreign enterprise: registered capital, foreign debt & borrowing gap.
  • Case Study: Company X made a profit but has a bad cash flow – causes and risks
  • Accrual Basis and Cash Basis – how accounting estimates affect earnings
  • Case Study: Company Y experienced a rapid income growth, but neglected the management of accounts receivables – capital chain rupture due to bad debts
  • Credit system assessment of clients: regular receivable accounts and recoverable accounts management
  • Supplier payment management: supplier evaluation, competitiveness, business reputation
  • Inventory turnover management – Tools to leverage operating cash flow
  • Introduction to cash budget management


German Centre for Industry and Trade Beijing
Dongfang East Road.19
DRC Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Office Building, 11th Floor, Unit 1101A
Beijing, 100096 China

Beijing Shi, China

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