Procurement has always been an important aspect of any organization. A well-trained procurement officer or team will ensure that your organization will receive the best value supply at the quickest speed and the lowest possible cost.

BenCham endorses the Procurement Academy's training programs and is pleased to offer these to our members at favorable rates. Procurement Academy's online training programs will quickly up-skill procurement staff to the required expert level. Courses cover the entire procurement cycle, from prospecting to closing, and provide the fundamental skills that every commercial employee should have.

Procurement Academy now offers two customized learning plans that cover the entire procurement cycle, for both a junior and senior profile. Learners will have 1-year access to the courses on the right. It is a great opportunity to follow a diverse learning plan that touches upon all the different competences a procurement professional requires.

Make your choice between our Junior and our Senior procurement courses. Of course, it is also possible to engage to both courses, in which case we would simply ask you to purchase two courses. After your purchase, we will contact you as soon as possible to inform you on the further process.

Junior: Masterclass sourcing (9 courses)

1. Introduction to the Procurement Process

2. How to develop Specifications

3. How to write an RFQ and RFI

4. Basic Negotiation Tactics

5. Basic Contract Negotiation

6. Ethics in the Procurement Process

7. Specification

8. Improve Specifications

9. Simulation RFI

Senior: Masterclass Cost Management (15 courses)

1. Introduction to Strategic Cost Management for Buyers

2. Cost Calculation

3. Cost Estimation, Should Cost

4. Total cost of ownership (TCO)

5. Value analysis, Value Engineering

6. The Role of Procurement Professionals

7. Reasons for a Should Cost Analysis

8. Cost Avoidance

9. Cost Breakdown simulation

10. Simulation developing a cost breakdown

11. Value Analysis simulation

12. TCO – Contract Research Organizations

13. TCO 2

14. Supplier Performance Index

15. Value Engineering


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