You are a manager or a team leader and you want to know what results successful teams can achieve. How do you ensure that everyone is on the same page? You want to improve your team's capacity to resolve its own problems. You want to see your team's strengths raised..

Team management as the number one competitive advantage

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Understand how to accelerate effective teamwork as a manager or teamleader
  • Work with the concept of collective ambition to build motivation and commitment
  • Enhance the effectiveness of your own behavior in managing teams
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities within your team
  • Establish an environment of trust and growth for your team
  • Adapt your communication style to convey messages effectively
  • Identify the development stages of your team and adapt your management style accordingly
  • Understand how team processes and unwritten rules affect the team performance
  • Identify how cultural differences impact on the behavior of people in organizations
  • Translate your ambition for your team into tangible first steps


Ton Dijkzeul

General Manager at Schoutenchina


Naked Hub @ dongdaqiao
3/F, East Gongxiao Building, 28 Guandongdian Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Beijing, China

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