In cooperation with the EU-China Joint Innovation Center, the Benelux Chamber cordially invites you to the second session of the EU-China Intellectual Property Cooperation Webinars.

The 2020 Annual Work Report of the Chinese Government praised the role played by digital economy, especially during the recent battle against COVID-19, and encouraged to "create a new advantage of digital economy". As this new wind is blowing across the world, our second webinar focuses on IP-related policies and industrial/technological development in digital economy. We have invited leading experts from both Europe and China to share with us their expertise on the status quo, recent policies and future directions of digital economy, which would shed light on the new technologies, IP protection measures and application rules in the newly-emerged IP industrial services.

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Webinar agenda:

14:00–14:05 Welcome and Introduction by the Host

Ms. Shasha Zhang, Director of European Affairs Center, EUCJIC

14:05–14:10 Speech by the Supervisor

Mr. Chao Liu, Director-General of Legal Affairs Department of CCPIT

14:10–14:15 Speech by the Organizer

Mr. Patrick Nijs, Co-founder of EUCJIC, Former Ambassador of Belgium to China

14:15–14:20 Speech by the Co-organizer

Mr. Xuewei Li, President of Beijing Union University

14:20–14:50 Experience of EU SMEs with IP Protection in China's Digital Economy

By Mr. Michele Ferrante, Founder of Ferrante Intellectual Property, External Expert at China IPR SME Helpdesk Funded by European Commission

14:50–15:20 IP Management in Digital Content Industry

By Mr. Hugo Wang, Director of Chinese

Intellectual Property Research Association, President of Techvisum

15:20–15:50 Intellectual Property in the Digital Economy Era

By Ms. Yuanqing Chen, Worldwide Legal and Director of Intellectual Property, Lenovo Group

15:50–16:20 Application Cases of Digitizing IP Transactions

By Mr. Joe Huang, Director of EU-China International IPR Center, EUCJIC

16:20–16:25 Summary

By Ms. Shasha Zhang, Director of European Affairs Center, EUCJIC

16:25–16:55 Q&A Section

16:55–17:00 Preview of the Next Webinar


Yuanqing Chen

Worldwide Legal Director of Intellectual Property at Lenovo Group

Michele Ferrante

Founder of Ferrante Intellectual Property

Joe Huang

COO at PIIP Group

Xuewei Li

President at Beijing Union University

Chao Liu

Director-General of Legal Affairs Department at CCPIT

Patrick Nijs

Co-Founder of EU-China Joint Innovation Center

Hugo Wang

CEO of Techvisum


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