The outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19 has had, and is continuing to have serious impact on our businesses. While we have been fighting diligently to prevent the further spread of the pandemic there are many tough issues to deal with in restoring business order and reviving commercial activities, amongst which we have chosen two important and most relevant ones to discuss during our next webinar: Liquidity Management and IP Protection. We are happy to have invited experts from IPR SME Help Deskand BMG (a global leading cash management bank, wholly-owned by ING Group) to present their views and share their experience and advice.


Matias Zubimendi, P Business Advisor at China IPR SME Helpdesk

Norbert Braspenning, Managing Director, Marketing and Sales, BMG Amsterdam

Jiaxin Huang, VIce President, Clients & Products BMG Hong Kong Team


Jan Hu, General Manager of Benelux Chamber of Commerce, Beijing


Presentation on IP Protection in China
Presentation on Liquidity Management
Q & A

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