Nowadays, all organizations are digital by default. Not only every organization delivers its products and services primarily through digital channels, but all operate with the cultures, technology and processes of the internet era. The World Economic Forum now rates a large-scale breach of cybersecurity as one of the five most serious risks facing the world today. Organizations in China are facing not only more sophisticated attackers, but compliance challenges posed by new and changing regulations. In this seminar, EY Cybersecurity team will share the insights of the latest status of cybersecurity regulations and threats in China.

China Cybersecurity Law (CSL)

As the China Cybersecurity Law (CSL) became effective on 1st, June 2017, many multi-national companies operating in China have devoted considerable effort to comply with this newly-released legislation. EY Cybersecurity team has assisted its clients during their CSL compliance journey, and would like to share the knowledge and hands-on experiences with other organizations in need of achieving the same goal. Key topics to be covered in this section include:

  • Latest development of CSL and relevant regulations
  • What are other companies doing in order to stay compliant with CSL
  • EY's knowledge and experiences in supporting of CSL compliance

Global Information Security Survey 2017-18

Surveying nearly 1,200 participants around the globe from more than 20 industry sectors, EY GISS investigates the most important cybersecurity issues facing organizations today. EY bases it findings and conclusions on those insights to share with the organizations in China how to improve their cybersecurity programs. Key topics to be covered in this section include:

  • Confront your cyber threats
  • Understanding the threat landscape
  • Fighting back against the threat
  • Emergency service: responding to an attack


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