BenCham from now on offers online trainings in order to stay ahead of the changing times in which time is becoming increasingly valuable and also other circumstances could make it inconvenient to visit trainings on location. We start off in April 2020 with two Sales Academy trainings, in cooperation with the Swiss and the Swedish Chambers of Commerce in Beijing. These are paid online trainings, however, will be offered under current market rate in order to add more value to your membership!

The training plan on the right side will apply for the Junior Sales Academy

Junior learning plan (13 courses, total duration: 400 min)

1. 5 Step Sales Process

2. Develop a Contact Strategy

3. Prospecting Fundamentals

4. From Cold Call to Client Meeting

5. Develop a Script

6. Overcoming Objection Process

7. Overcoming Price, Competition, and Time Objections

8. Fundamentals of Negotiation

9. Negotiation Process

10. Closing Checklist

11. Closing Essentials

12. Embrace the No

13. Confidence Counts

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