BenCham, China-Italy Chamber of Commerce and the EU SME Centre are pleased to invite you to a webinar around COVID-19 on Friday March 6, 4 PM Beijing time / 9 AM CET. Given the COVID-19 outbreak in China, nearly all businesses in China have been affected one way or another, be they domestic or international. Hence, what actions can companies take in response to the situation and minimize the financial impact on their business?

  1. In this webinar, Grace Shi, Director of TMF Group will explain the newest tax relief policies issued by the Chinese Government to help companies get through this difficult period. She will also share insights about best practices of financial planning for SMEs to support the implementation of their crisis management.
  2. Secondly, Koen Naber, Director at R&P Lawyers, will explain in depth on "How SMEs can negotiate rent relief" and focus on the implication of Force Majeure in contracts.
  3. Lastly, we invite Raoul Schweicher, Managing Director MS Advisory (Moore) Shanghai, to speak about the Chinese government measures to support SMEs during the epidemic period.

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